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Why A Billion Words Around The World? Because in this day and age I believe we have the opportunity (never more than now) to create something awesome … collectively, worldwide and socially driven that would encompass our experience or life on our planet. Collaborative authoring via A Billion Words Around The World website / blog where EVERYONE in the world who has access to the Internet can be a part of Earth’s story.

We will also DONATE a minimum of 80% of the proceeds to Worldwide Charities for Literacy, Reading and Education (currently RIF – Reading is Fundamental and ProLiteracy) to help raise awareness and funds for literacy and education. We recently launched and hope to increase this percentage as A Billion Words Around The World Challenge continues to grow and/or has reached it’s goal of a billion words around the world.

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Either way you choose it’s a win-win for Worldwide Literacy and Education and you will be a part of A Billion Words Around The World Challenge.

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