Frequently Asked

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

What is A Billion Words Around The World?

A Billion Words Around The World is a worldwide social event for literacy.

The founder, Jim Bourgea (@ Bourgea Creative Solutions), started A Billion Words Around The World and launched it in September 2014 to not only make a difference, raise awareness and raise donations in Worldwide Literacy and Education but to also challenge the world in completing A Billion Words Around The World challenge.

Our goal/cause is as follows:

- Collaboratively author over One (1) Billion words that would stretch around the world … [read more]

- Raise awareness and donations (minimum of 80% will be donated) for Worldwide Literacy and Education Charities.

Be a part of A Billion Words Around The World and make history!

Why should I be a part of A Billion Words Around The World?

Because it’s awesome!

In this day and age there has never been a better time to create something awesome (collectively and worldwide) while raising awareness and donations for literacy and education.

You can also donate to literacy and education without posting on our site … either way a minimum of 80% will be donated to literacy and education.

You have the chance to be a part of A Billion Words Around The World as an author … collectively worldwide, like never before. Please tell everyone your know!

Where does my donation or purchase go?

Currently a minimum of 80% of all proceeds (donations, post buys, smartphone app (in development), merchandise (coming soon) will be donated to Worldwide Literacy and Education.

Currently we donate to RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and ProLiteracy and will continue to review other worldwide literacy and educational charities. Please contact us if you would like to work with us as a charity or foundation.

Why shouldn't I donate to the charity directly?

You can and you should if you don’t wish to be a part of A Billion Words Around The World. We encourage more people to donate to respectable charities and foundations.

Remember, a minimum of 80% of your donation/purchase with A Billion Words Around The World goes directly to literacy and education charities and/or foundations. We have operating costs like everyone else and will strive to increase our donation percentage as the challenge continues. We will continue our effort as long as generous donations such as yours are coming in to cover the cost of running our website and effort.

Either way your donation is a win-win for Worldwide Literacy and Education.

Secure Online Payments and Donations

Currently we are setup to use the secure online payment PayPal gateway (an eBay company). Your online payment is safe and secure and you don’t need to have a PayPal account to buy a post or donate.

PayPal payments are processed through the @ Bourgea Creative Solutions PayPal account. We will revisit the secure online payment solution as the challenge continues.

Again, a minimum of 80% of all proceeds will be donated to worldwide literacy and education programs.

How do I get access to post?

New Users must register before they can submit a post for A Billion Words Around The World (donations don’t need to register). For only $1.00 / per post you can Submit Your Post (must be logged in to post) and pay instantly with the secure PayPal gateway. Once you write, submit and purchase your post it will be published and reviewed for approval and you will have access to edit your profile, view your posts by logging in via your credentials that we emailed you.

Simple as 1, 2, 3 …

Why do some words in my post look like $^%@&$?

These words did not pass our word filter and are now marked as “$%@&$#”. If you feel your word should not be filtered please contact us directly to see if we can get it approved.

Again, we believe in freedom of speech but need to filter the posts to ensure positive (and in good taste) content. We thank you for understanding.

What are your terms for posting?

We believe in freedom of speech and at the same time we want to make sure that the posts follow our goal and direction. That being said, you may post any content you wish about your life, family, food, favorite hobby, theories, observations, the sky, the Earth, rainbows or unicorns, etc. but YOU MUST keep your content POSITIVE and in good taste to be approved and posted online. We will review each post for submission, approval or denial. There will be no refunds given if your post is not approved and your donation will be submitted to charity. You MUST AGREE to and abide by these terms to post on A Billion Words Around The World. No exceptions.

AUTHOR POST LIMIT: Min. One (1) word and please try to keep your post at a reasonable maximum length (limited to: 5,000 characters with spaces)

We will keep track of the number of words in the posts and update the number on a regular basis to show you our progress in A Billion Words Around The World Challenge.

Thank you for being a part of A Billion Words Around The World Challenge and please share us with everyone you know.

Your Privacy is important to us

Your privacy is important and your information will not be shared without your personal consent and approval. Your credit card information is safe and secure using PayPal (an eBay company) online payments and is not seen or saved in our database.

Please contact us if you have more questions.